par Griselric

These flashing gold gauntlets came from the hidden forges of Tarterus (Carceri) most probably created by the Greek Titans. The last wearer was a Half-Titan named Kronax in the service of the Demon Prince Graz'zt, King of a large province on an alternate prime, Ruler of the Sparxiats, an ancient greek-like people profoundly evil. Titans either good or evil will purchase any non-titan wearing the golden gauntlets.

The first time it is put on, the wearer must save against Petrification or be irrevocably turned to plain gold. If the save is successful, the wearer gains the power to turn to gold everything his bare hands touch. The power is automatic, the wearer cannot decide when to use his power. Furthermore, the hands of the wearer are now immune to any type of petrification (the rest of the body could still be turned to stone for example). Wearing the gauntlets prevent the turning power to occur.

One time per day, the wearer can shape gold he touches as he wishes with his bare hands. Small details cannot be obtained but can be erased.

One time per year, the wearer can bestow the petrification power to any object his bare hands touch if the proper command word is known.

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